5 ways to Prevent Kidney Diseases in Diabetic Patients

Diabetic patients are often more prone to kidney diseases. Most of the people do not realize the condition until it becomes unavoidable, and the treatment of dialysis becomes essential.

Kidney diseases have a long-lasting impact on one’s life. So it is imperative to take some preventive measures to avoid the risk of kidney failures in Diabetic Patients.

The best way to avoid diabetic kidney disease is by keeping a healthy lifestyle and eating habits. Here are some beneficial tips mentioned below:

Prioritize Exercise in your Routine

By including regular activities such as walking, running, or swimming in your daily routine can help in keeping your body fit and active. Physical exercises improve the efficiency of the heart and increase the respiration rate.

Thus, regular aerobic exercises help in reducing the risk of high diabetes and, consequently, the risk of chronic kidney diseases. 

Keep Control of your Sugar level

According to a study, around half of diabetic patients have diagnosed with kidney failure. You should keep checking your sugar level on a periodic basis.

Consult your doctor for guiding you at the right levels to protect your kidneys. 

Check Your Blood Pressure

Blood pressure could be a significant factor behind chronic kidney diseases. High blood pressure harms the filtering units of the kidneys. As a result, it interrupts its functioning in removing extra wastes from the body.

To prevent CKD, diabetic patients should maintain blood pressure less than 130/80 mm Hg. Also, if you have high blood pressure or hypertension issues, then it is strongly recommended adopting a nutritional diet and a healthy lifestyle. 

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Maintain a Healthy Weight

It is crucial to regularly check your weight to avoid the risk of high chronic kidney diseases. You should decrease the consumption of salt to 5-6 grams per day to reduce your weight.

For this, read the labels printed on the food items and choose those having low sodium. Include more fruits and green vegetables in your diet. In addition to this, increase your water and fluid intake to stay hydrated throughout the day. 

Give up Smoking and Tobacco Products

Smoking, in general, is bad for health and causes dysfunctioning in the blood flow to the kidneys. Similarly, uptake of tobacco products also leads to weakening the ability of kidneys to function best.

Hence if you are a daily smoker, it tends to raise your blood pressure and increases the chances of kidney failure.


Diabetes and kidney diseases go hand in hand. Therefore careful control on some factors leading to it becomes necessary. Incorporate these healthy tips into your lifestyle to prevent the risk of kidney diseases.

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